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Our Technology Saves You Time & Money

21st Century Care

Because your smile deserves the best!

CEREC Technology

Time is our most precious commodity and we invested in technology to save you time. Our CEREC mill allows us to design and place a permanent crown in one visit while our pano x-ray machine saves you from being referred out. 


First Class Sterilization

The most important part of our patient care is our state-of-the-art sterilization technology. We insure that all instruments are sterile and in good working order before each patient we see.


Comfortable Operatories

With TVs in each operatory, that are connected to Netflix, you can catch up on your favorite series while we make your smile beautiful! Be careful though, the chairs are so comfortable you may end up asleep.


Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are fast, accurate, and most important of all; they produce less x-rays. We can immediately see your teeth on the computer screen and show you exactly what is happening within minutes of you sitting in the chair.


Fewer Impressions

Impressions are never fun to take. With our advanced imaging technology impressions are used as a last resort when needing to take a model of your teeth.


Cone Beam Technology

Our panoramic x-ray machine allows us to recreate a digital 3D model of your mouth so we can know exactly what needs to be corrected and determine the best course of treatment.

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