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Bright, Professionally Whitened Teeth

In one visit, you can have a beautiful and bright smile with our teeth whitening treatment. We can reverse the effects of coffee and soda stains, tobacco use, aging, poor hygiene habits, and medications that may have discolored your teeth. We also offer prescribed take home kits if your busy schedule does not allow you to come in right away but you want to have a stunning smile before that next party, reunion, or set of family pictures.

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Learn About How We'll Give You The Smile You Want

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The Path to a Bright Smile

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Store-bought whitening treatments vs professional whitening prescribed by a dentist - The good and the bad:

Store-bought whitening treatments can work if you are willing to buy the top of the line products, however there is one important drawback; whitening strips only whiten the parts of the teeth that they touch. This means that if your teeth are crooked, even slightly, the whiteness will not be uniform across your smile and there may even be striping where the whitening strip did not contact the teeth. Moreover, whitening strips only whiten the front teeth so when you are at your happiest and your smile is big and full, your back teeth will not have the same color. 

Professional treatments work for all teeth and all smiles in one visit to the office. Two visits are sometimes needed for rare cases when the teeth are very discolored.

How Does Professional Teeth Whitening Work?

Advantages of Getting Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

Hear From Our Patients

"I've been going here for years, as well as my parents and grandmother. My grandmother switched to him from her old dentist and never went back. We all love the staff. Very nice. Never had any problems. And my grandmother always finds SOMETHING to complain about. Never heard a negative peep from her about them."


"I liked Dr. Hunter a lot. The staff was nice, friendly and helpful. The appointments were always on time. The plans for each visit and costs of treatment were clearly explained. The receptionist even helped show us a way to finance the implants. The teeth fit great. Dr. Hunter and his Dental Tech even stayed late to finish an implant for my two molars. I can eat anything with my two new teeth!"



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