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Always Have a Bright, White Smile

Are you self-conscious showing your full smile because of old metal fillings? White fillings update your smile to its original brilliance by replacing your metal fillings with an extremely strong resin. Our team will match your fillings exactly with the natural color of your teeth so that no one will know you have fillings. It will be our little secret.

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Learn About How We'll Give You The Smile You Want

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The Path to a Bright Smile

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While the care and health of your mouth comes first, we also know that you care about how your smile looks to others. This is why we offer white fillings that match the natural color of your teeth, so no one will know you had fillings. The process is the same as using amalgam to fill the cavity, but the result is better because your teeth keep their natural color and shine. 

A lot of patients come in and get white fillings even if they do not have new cavities because they want to replace old metal fillings with beautiful natural looking white fillings that are made from an extremely strong composite that will last a lifetime.

Hear From Our Patients

"I've been going here for years, as well as my parents and grandmother. My grandmother switched to him from her old dentist and never went back. We all love the staff. Very nice. Never had any problems. And my grandmother always finds SOMETHING to complain about. Never heard a negative peep from her about them."


"I liked Dr. Hunter a lot. The staff was nice, friendly and helpful. The appointments were always on time. The plans for each visit and costs of treatment were clearly explained. The receptionist even helped show us a way to finance the implants. The teeth fit great. Dr. Hunter and his Dental Tech even stayed late to finish an implant for my two molars. I can eat anything with my two new teeth!"



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