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A Beautiful Smile

Having straight teeth is easy and hardly noticeable with our Clear Correct technology. Our clear tray aligners are made for people who put durability, cost and time at the top of their list when deciding on how to achieve the smile they have always wanted. We also have traditional wire and bracket braces for more involved corrections or for those who want brackets.

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The Paths to a Beautiful Smile

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Clear Correct

Clear Correct invisible braces are a clear smile-correcting alternative to traditional metal braces. The Clear Correct system involves using a series of thin, clear, plastic aligners to correct your teeth and improve the appearance of your smile. They are 3D printed to match your mouth perfectly and are made directly in the USA.

The video below shows exactly how Clear Correct works and outlines important advantages it has over metal or porcelain braces. However, not every patient is a candidate for Clear Correct. Conventional braces can move your teeth faster and correct more severe misalignment.

Conventional Braces

Conventional braces, which use brackets and wire to quickly move teeth, can be a better choice for patients who need to move their teeth a further distance to have the beautiful smile they want. We offer porcelain braces if you would like them to blend in with your natural smile.

Braces, no matter if they are clear correct or conventional, use the way your body grows naturally to straighten your teeth. Want to learn more? Watch the video below!

Hear From Our Patients

"Dr. Scott has been my dentist for over 10 years now, despite the fact that I have moved an hour and a half away! I don't care if it was double that, I would still commute gladly, knowing I am in good, trustworthy hands. I constantly have people tell me how lucky I am to have such a beautiful smile naturally, but it is actually due to Dr. Scott's capable hands! He did both of my oral surgeries, and all of my orthodontic work. It was quite an undertaking, in which they were always as accommodating as possible; and they involved me in my treatment plan, so I always knew what was going on and why. I will never trust someone else with my dental care if I can help it- every time I go, it's like visiting old friends."


"Staff is great. They are all friendly and professional. I love the atmosphere.

Scott Hanosh, DDS is always so nice and does great dental work especially cosmetic. Usually I don't 
like going to the dentist but now I don't mind it all. The entire staff makes the experience as pleasant as possible."


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