If you are looking to brighten your smile through whitening your teeth, we have easy options for you. We are able to whiten your teeth to the brightness that makes your smile shine in just one visit. If you would rather whiten your teeth at home, we can prescribe a very effective treatment that will whiten your teeth in a few applications.

Store-bought whitening treatments vs Professional whitening prescribed by a dentist - The good and the bad:

Store-bought whitening treatments can work if you are willing to buy the top of the line products, however there is one important drawback; whitening strips only whiten the parts of the teeth that they touch. This means that if your teeth are crooked, even slightly, the whiteness will not be uniform across your smile and there may even be striping where the whitening strip did not contact the teeth. Moreover, whitening strips only whiten the front teeth so when you are at your happiest and your smile is big and full, your back teeth will not show as the same color. 

Professional treatments work for all teeth and all smiles in one visit to the office. Two visits are sometimes needed for rare cases when the teeth are very discolored.