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Are you facing the prospect of having dentures? Do you have trouble eating? Are you embarrassed about how your teeth look? Are dentures your only option? If you are thinking about getting dentures, make sure you know the facts, to make an informed decision. More people wear dentures than you would think. With the right denture and look, you cannot tell them apart from people with real teeth. The majority of people over the age of 65 wear full dentures. The main causes of tooth loss that necessitate dentures are gum disease and tooth decay. 

The decision to move to dentures is usually driven by pain, money, and/or fear. It is a very difficult decision to make and is made more difficult when you hear horror stories from denture wearers. In the best case scenario, it is always best to try to save your original teeth if financially and medically possible. The decision to get dentures should not be made because it will be less expensive, or "easier" to maintain. Sometimes, patients believe that getting dentures will solve all their dental problems, and save lots of money in the long run. This is surely not the case. No matter how good the denture is, and how stable it can be, dentures will never be the same as having your original teeth. However, at least now there is a method available to make dentures more comfortable than ever.

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